June 9, 2009

Yoga, Kids, Fun, and Inspiration

"Thank you...I had a very bad today. I was all riled up - it was a very bad day. But I feel better now and calmer." So said seven year old Henry after a recent end-of-the-school-day yoga class I taught to elementary students in Allston, MA. It had been a rough day - the class's teacher told me she herself had been in tears earlier.

I LOVE my job. LOVE it. Kids take yoga so seriously and playfully all at once. They practice yoga like they were born to practice it and the way we as adults often only aspire to practice - with joy and acceptance humor and spirit and focus!

In the coming months, I'll be teaching more and more classes for older students. I've recently had the pleasure of completing additional training in kids' yoga instruction, and am nearing the end of my 200-hour adult teacher training as well. I'm becoming very interested in research and news about the impact of yoga and meditation on young people - after seeing it first hand for over a year now, I'm more committed than ever to living a path that brings this gift to our kids.

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