December 16, 2008

Yoga Odyssey

I'm feeling really, really excited. Why, you ask?

Tonight finds me filling out my application for 200-hour (adult) yoga teacher training and also registered for my friend Barrett Lauck's monthlong online Yoga Odyssey course in January (that's Barrett in the pic over there!).

My training begins in February with Mimi Loureio at O2 Yoga here in Massachusetts. My first yoga classes were at O2 with Mimi many moons ago, and I couldn't be more tickled to have the opportunity to learn from such an extraordinary teacher. Hooray!!

Her goal is to help people create, develop, and stick with an at-home yoga practice. For just $40, participants will receive daily inspiration from Barrett, reflections from other participants via bulletin boards, and also weekly suggestions for sequences, both active and restorative.

Barrett's pre- and postnatal classes have kind of a cult following in the Boston area, and she is particularly committed to helping parents create and maintain their practice...

So...who's going to join me in January for this Yoga Odyssey??


naturally nina said...

Oh I have taken a class with Barrett once! That is so awesome. :) Congratulations. Next up, we open our own yoga studio. :)

GooberMonkey said...

Nina - Indeed! I'm down if you are!