November 11, 2008

Begin Again

How fitting that I recently wrote about surrendering, prioritizing, and committing to self-care. Almost immediately after writing that post, I faced several challenges to my own rituals of peace and wellness. Bob started a new nearly full-time position with a nearby gym, I started a new set of 6-week Itsy Bitsy Yoga sessions, Kai got a nasty cold, and Bob threw his back out. As soon as Bob's back got better, he got Kai's cold and a bad case of laryngitis. I went kind of non-stop for two weeks, not really getting more than a few moments to or for myself. Still not sure how single parents do it, and I bow down to them. Knowing that the circumstances I faced were very temporary, if exhausting, I decided not to renegotiate a whole new patter of self-care, but rather, to breathe as deeply as I could whenever I had a moment to do so, and forgive myself the lapse.

Now everyone is on the mend and our family is settling into new routines based on Bob's new schedule. And as always in this life, I begin again. Begin again with writing for this blog. Begin again with my commitment to practice yoga and meditation as close to daily as possible. Begin again with running and strength training.

Tomorrow I will have the post I promised last week, about the amazing power of vestibular motion (spinning, up-and-down, upside down movements), but tonight I just wanted to check in and say, I'm still here. I've been thinking of this blog, and all of you, often during the past week, and have been eager to reconnect. So happy to be doing so now!

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epiphanygirl said...

Almost everyone I know has been "having one of those weeks" - I think it is the oddity that is November. I am glad that your family is on the mend and you are finding your stride and recreating your patterns again.