November 23, 2008

Fabulous Home Practice Tool!!!

Just came across My Yoga 2 Go fabulous looking tool to support anyone and everyone's at home practice! It was created by yoga teacher and mom Beth Siegel, after her first child was born when she realized that without much extra time to attend classes and workshops, she was favoring particular asanas and practicing the same flows over and over at home. She created this system to keep herself challenged and inspired by her practice...

At $29.95, I think I'm gonna have to order me one of these! From her Web site:

With My Yoga 2 Go practice system you'll select from 70 different postures, as well as 7 different sequences:
  • Ashtanga (power)
  • Flow
  • Core Strength for Athletes
  • Hip Opening
  • Back Strength
  • Relaxation
  • Energizer

Each sequence is labeled as either beginner, intermediate or advanced, so that you can begin a yoga practice and continue to challenge and grow your practice with only one purchase of the My Yoga 2 Go practice system. Unlike books or DVD’s, the My Yoga 2 Go practice system has a endless combination of sequences that you can customize yourself, using the over 70 posture cards.


Teaching Kids Yoga said...

Hi Lauren,

Nice lead on the yoga tools - that could be good for kids yoga too.

I'm happy to say you won a kids yoga DVD over at my blog.

Give me an e-mail so we can make the arrangements to get it to you.

Thanks for visiting.


GooberMonkey said...

TKY - Hurrah!! Received it in the mail and looking forward to reviewing!